Hello hello! The end of the semester is fast approaching for me, which sort of accounts for the missed/late updates that have been rampant the past couple of weeks. You see, Monday’s are my busiest days: I’m in class from 9:30 AM to 8:20 PM. Needless to say, by the time I do get back to my room, I tend to…forget some things. So, I’m changing Paradigm Shift’s update schedule from Mondays and Fridays to Tuesdays and Fridays! Still twice a week, but I hope you guys can understand my need to shift the dates around!

Get it? Shift the dates?

I’m sorry.

In other news, DREAM STATE development is going along slowly but surely: I might have to budget a week or two of no updates just to build a proper buffer, but I don’t think the interruption will be severe!

We’re gettin’ into the big stuff with Paradigm Shift now! Thanks for reading!