So I updated all of the plugins and themes today and now the theme is a mess because I am terrible at developing for PHP. Static HTML and CSS, I’m down, but all this dynamic stuff just confuses me. If I had the hours to devote to properly figure out it, I would, but alas, schooool [makes vague hand motions].Anywho, other things: concepts for DREAM STATE (the comic that follows Paradigm Shift) are developing slowly but surely. And that’s pretty awesome, I think! It’d be nice if I could work on that instead of doing BS work for classes I don’t care about, but eh, such is life, I do suppose.

I’m thinking about setting up a Gumroad store soon to sell things like extra prints and stickers that I made for conventions and maybe a pay-what-you-want PDF of Paradigm Shift once it’s all said and finished? That’d be pretty neat, I think!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day, and be sure to treat yourself nice today! You deserve it. c: