Bluh bluh I missed an update on Tuesday and I am deeply sorry. I keep doing that! I blame it on the pile of work that I need to complete before Thursday.

Well, really, I needed to complete most of it by the past Wednesday, and I succeeded! Which is nice. All I have left is an art history test (bluh) and animation critique (double bluh). And I promise not to miss an update next week! I WILL NOT MISS AN UPDATE EVEN IF I AM FIGHTING DRAGONS (I won’t be fighting dragons, but you know what I’m getting at here).

Anywho, we’re getting to the climax of the story now! Paradigm Shift is pretty short on its own, which is why I’m excited to expand it a little more with the “sequel” that is DREAM STATE. Maybe it’s a little silly that my first “serious” foray into putting comics online is a comic that is a) deeply self-referential and b) features a character that is pretty much an expy for myself, but eh, I really don’t care too much about that (or rather, I do, but I care more about doing what I want than what some nameless entity says I should do).

Regardless, to those who have been reading Paradigm Shift and enjoying it enough to share with others, thank you so much for everything: it really makes me immensely happy to see people like and reblog the update posts on the Paradigm Shift Tumblr, and the fact that this comic is reaching anyone is just absolutely awesome to me.

We’ll see how the story concludes in the upcoming weeks, but I can assure you that it won’t be the last of Star and The Player by any means! Until that time, keep on keepin’ on, friends and readers and vague passersby who found this website somehow.