Hey everyone!

Hope you all have been enjoying the recent updates: we’re dealing with a lot of exposition stuff right now, but I assure you, we’ll get into some exciting stuff soon: this is only the prologue to what will become a grand adventure, if I do say so myself.

I’m actually making this post to regretfully inform you that I’ll probably end up missing tomorrow’s update: it’s been a really rough week for me, and this upcoming page for some reason has been giving me more trouble than I had anticipated. I’m going to be away from my compy till Saturday night for a little trip, but fingers crossed I can get the page finished on Sunday and then we’ll be back to regular updates once more.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for more art from yours truly, you can always check out my art blog which I tend to update pretty regularly, and I’ll often post sketches as well as rambly thoughts (if you want to hear that sort of thing from me) over at my Twitter.

And finally, as for something a little less self-serving, how about a song recommendation on this fine Thursday night? Specifically, The City as You Walk by Skyhill. This album has impacted my art and writing a lot in the past few months, but there’s something about this song in particular that just strikes me in a particular way. It’s hard to describe: when I first heard this song, something just clicked and fell into place for me, about who I wanted to be and what I wanted to create.

Anywho, sorry again for the delay! Hopefully see you all on Sunday with an update!