Hey peoples! Long time no blog post! I’m gonna try to update this more often, hopefully with every comic page, because maybe you’d like to get more than just a page and some witty commentary at the bottom of it? If not, I suppose that’s cool too, you don’t have to read ’em, but I will silently judge you if that’s the case.

Not really. You do you.

Unfortunately this post brings some not-so-cool news: I’m unfortunately gonna have to miss this week’s update, because I sort of ran out of script. I’ve been super busy with senior thesis stuff that I was just working off of what I had and haven’t had the chance to write anymore! Whoops!

Hopefully I can make up some ground by Monday, so you’ll get a double update next week? It’s also my birthday though, and who knows how that’s gonna eat into my productivity and motivation. Don’t get me wrong, I love making this comic, but everyone needs their downtime, you know? And by downtime, I means Super Smash Bros.

As with the last blog post of this type, I’ll leave you all with a music recommendation: the Electronic Super Joy OST! God do I love this soundtrack. It is all kinds of my jam, and it’s only 4 bucks! Do yourself a favor and experience this awesome music.

Hope to see you all Monday with a page! Keep on keepin’ on!