Holy dang, I actually kept my deadline? Obviously hell has frozen over and the apocalypse is upon us.

I mean, Ragnarok is supposed to happen tomorrow (Feb. 22nd if you’re joining us from the FUTURE), so I guess it’s a valid conclusion? It’s been a while since we’ve had a nice apocalypse. I plan on spending it doing school work though.

On to more important matters: Dream State is a go! Unfortunately, I’m going to be juggling writing/drawing pages with a really intense course-load (making a short film!), so the comic is going to update on Fridays only (unless something awesome happens and I get a really good buffer, but we’ll see what happens with that).

With that in mind, I’m gonna try to post blog posts and things weekly along with the Friday update.

And, uh, yeah, that’s all I got! Probably going to try to spruce up the site a little bit here and there, but until next week!