Hey guys.

So, you may have noticed that I missed an update on Friday. But instead of this being a make-up post or a double update post, this is actually kind of a bummer post: Dream State will be on hiatus during the month of November (and maybe December, we’ll see). I’m in the middle of working on my senior thesis, and I’m just really overwhelmed with the work and research that I need to do, so there’s no way I can balance a comic update with all of that.

I hope to prepare a nice big “mega update” once I’m able to sit down and work on the comic again without the pressure of my thesis, so no worries: Dream State will continue on at some point, I just need a break from it right now, with everything else going on.

As per tradition it is with these posts, I’m not gonna leave you guys empty-handed: it’s music recommendation time! If you’re anywhere on Tumblr, you’ve probably heard of Ghost by Mystery Skulls and seen the awesome animated video that goes with it, but I cannot get that song out of my head: it’s just too good!

Anybutt, sorry again about this hiccup. Hope to see you all soon.